Tips for Back-to-School Potty Training

3 Tips for Back-to-School Potty Training.

It’s hard to believe that the time for summer fun is winding down and the excitement of a new school year is here. But even the most excited preschooler can get the back-to-school blues, especially if you are in the middle of almost accomplishing the elusive potty-training goal. Pinky Bear is here to help with a few tips for back-to-school potty training.

Get Ready to Prep

As you continue your normal routine at home, begin talking to your little one about some of the changes they can expect at preschool, like going to the potty. The best way to prep your toddler is for you to communicate with the teacher. Ask what the potty policy is. Do they offer prompts every hour or half-hour? Do they have set times that all children sit on the potty? How do they encourage them? you-can-go-anytime? rule?

Once you have these answers, you can prepare your preschooler by having short, reassuring conversations on what he or she can expect when it comes to the sometimes-daunting bathroom tasks. Don’t forget to include Pinky Bear in these back-to-school potty training talks!

Reassure, Reassure, Reassure

One way to help calm even the most anxious toddler is by offering reassurance. Let your child know that accidents will happen, and it’s OK! Explain to him or her that everyone has accidents sometimes when learning how to potty on your own. It’s how you learn in fact. Plus, you will always have a change of clothes at school.

And Pinky Bear understands accidents happen too, so if you are feeling sad, get cleaned up, have a Pinky Bear snuggle, and try again! The best reassurance is encouraging words and lots of hugs!

Keep it Fun

This is where Pinky Bear will shine and your little one will look forward to coming home after a successful day at school, i.e. no accidents, to find a small surprise! This may take a little planning on your part, such as working out a system with your child’s teacher. Maybe the teacher can send you a quick text if there is an accident. No text means success, which means you get to pick a fun reward for Pinky Bear’s pouch or for your child to find!


Potty training is challenging on any given day, but back-to-school potty training doesn’t have to be scary. Just remember to take the time to talk to your toddler, snuggle up and let him or her know you are proud no matter what, and make potty training exciting with your very own Pinky Bear! Don’t forget to order all your mom friends their very own Potty Train with Pinky Bear! They will thank you later!