Keeping Your Cool While Potty Training

5 Tips for Keeping Your Cool While Potty Training. 

As babies grow, they grow out of diapers and move onto potty training. If that change is on the horizon, you may be unsure of how to proceed. Potty training isn’t just stressful for parents; it can also be frustrating for children. Fortunately, you can keep the work and worry to a minimum by following these tips for keeping your cool while potty training.

Remember that everyone goes through this and that everyone has troubles. Potty training is something that all parents must do. It’s alright to have struggles or setbacks. Use these as motivation to help your children do better not something to weigh you down.
Don’t sweat the small stuff. What they say is true accidents happen. When one occurs, remember about keeping your cool while potty training. Instead of acting on your frustration, let your child know that it’s ‘OK’ to make mistakes. Then, show your child how to fix them. This will give him or her two important lessons: what not to do and how to grow from mistakes. It will also help you remain balanced and calm.
Know when to take a break. Maybe your first child was interested in potty training quite early on. Or perhaps your niece or nephew mastered toilet training recently. Instead of comparing your child to others, make sure that he or she is ready. He or she may not be in the place to start potty training. Don’t worry each child will progress at different speeds. Rather than pushing your son or daughter, know when to take a break.
Reward yourself too. If you already use Pinky Bear, then you’re no stranger to rewarding your child for his or her potty training milestones. However, have you thought to reward yourself too Whether that means watching an episode of your favorite show after the kids are in bed, getting dessert, or reading a chapter of that book on your bedside table, the choice is all up to you. After all, you’ve been working hard too!
Get some help from Pinky Bear. With the help of Potty Train with Pinky Bear, you and your child can succeed during the potty training process. Not only will you receive a fun, helpful children’s book, but you’ll also get Pinky Bear. By reading the book to your child, you will teach him or her just how simple potty training can be. Then, when your child does well, Pinky Bear will bring him or her a treat to reinforce proper potty training behavior. You can also have Pinky Bear hide rewards around the house for children to find. This will make tasks exciting for parents and children alike! Keep in mind that some of the excitement generated from reading Potty Train with Pinky Bear comes from the emotion and passion of how the book is read. Remember, it’s from Pinky Bear! If you want your child to be excited, then you’ve got to seem as genuinely excited.


Keeping your cool while potty training is important for both you and your child. Though the process can cause anxiety, getting through it is a huge accomplishment. Even if you feel unsure, you can and will successfully potty train your child. Plus, Pinky Bear is on your side and ready to help. To order your own Potty Train with Pinky Bear set, visit our website at For more on potty training, don’t forget to check out our, Blog!