Fun Facts About Pinky Bear

6 Fun Facts About Pinky Bear

Struggling with potty training? Instead of getting frustrated, start having fun! The Potty Train with Pinky Bear method aims to make potty training fun for children and stress-free for parents. Whether you’re already familiar with Pinky Bear, or you’re just now getting acquainted, here are a few fun facts about Pinky Bear that you might not know.
  • Pinky Bear’s book was designed with toddlers in mind. ‘Potty Train with Pinky Bear’ is an illustrated book and plush bear that work together to create an interactive potty training scenario for parents and children. The book is a board book, meaning its heavy-duty construction was made just for toddlers to read as many times as they would like.
  • Pinky Bears are handmade. Cuddly, soft, squishy, and plush, Pinky Bear is perfect as your child’s potty training companion. All Pinky Bears are handmade and while similar, each one may have slight differences, which just makes your child’s individual Pinky Bear all the more unique and special.
  • Pinky Bear has no specific gender. Pinky Bear is Pinky Bear, that’s it! Whether you call Pinky Bear a ‘him’ or a ‘her’ is up to you and your little one. It’s all part of what makes Potty Train with Pinky Bear a customizable experience.
  • Pinky Bear does not require batteries. Don’t worry about spending money on batteries for Pinky Bear. When you read the Potty Train with Pinky Bear book with your child, you will also be encouraged to sing a song that is written in the book. Pinky Bear arrives after your child writes a letter requesting a visit, and after successful use of the potty.
  • Pinky Bear was inspired by the creator’s granddaughter. Pinky Bear came to be when creator Toni Roberts was helping to potty train her granddaughter, Ally. In an effort to encourage her to ‘want’ to go sit on the potty, Roberts asked if Ally would like Pinky Bear to come to visit her, and the rest is history!
  • The way you use Pinky Bear is up to you. Every child’s personality and maturity level is different, which means that the way Pinky Bear interacts with your child can and will vary accordingly. Reading the ‘Potty Train with Pinky Bear,’ book with your child should precede introducing your child to Pinky Bear, but after that, your options are endless! Move Pinky Bear around the house for your child to ‘find,’ allow Pinky Bear to ‘come and go,’ let Pinky Bear give treats every time potty training efforts are displayed or only at certain times of the day, these are just a few suggestions!


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