Are You Ready for Potty Training?

Are You Ready for Potty Training? It’s hard to believe the tiny baby you brought home from the hospital, what seems like yesterday, is now a walking, learning little person. Where did my baby go? That is the question we’ve all asked ourselves at one time.  …
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Building Confidence in Your Child

Building Confidence in Your Child. Help your child build healthy self-confidence through positive parenting and constructive verbal communication. Self-confident children grow into secure adults who make better decisions, have healthier relationships, and live more successful lives. Many children have confidence-crushing experiences like embarrassing bedwetting while…
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Reasons Kids Might Be Afraid

7 Reasons Kids Might Be Afraid of Potty Training

Reasons Kids Might Be Afraid of Potty Training. October is when we embrace the scary, but only the fun kind! Potty training fears, on the other hand, aren’t exactly a component of the festivities. If you and your little one have begun the toilet training…
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