Celebrating Mother’s Day: Mom, you’re doing great

To all the stay-at-home moms, 9 to 5 moms, mamas-to-be, stepmoms, grandmas and mother-like figures: you’re doing great! ‘Mom’ is the most challenging job title out there with the highest of expectations. You take on the role of CEO and keeping your crew or single employee pleased is a daily challenge. You’re the secretary and the one who makes sure the pediatrician appointments are scheduled, the play dates are set and the bedtimes routines are on track. You’re the operations manager overseeing that daily tasks are accomplished from brushing teeth to signaling potty breaks and balancing screen time with outdoor play. You even make up the HR department where you handle daily complaints of nap times and snack choices. On top of all that, you might even make up the janitorial department, the finance sector and the kitchen. At times, the roles that moms take on can become overwhelming. With no paid time off, working weekends or overtime and no sick days moms can feel the burn out quick. That’s why moms need to prioritize giving themselves a break. After all, to be the best CEO to your little ones you need to first be the best well rested version of yourself.

  1. Take time out of the day for yourself.
    Spending time away from your kids helps you become a better mom. Yes, you read that right. Moms need to recharge. Clinical psychologist and host of Motherhood radio/TV podcast, Dr. Christinna Hibbard  says that you will never get alone time unless you prioritize it. Wake up 30 minutes before the kids to journal, pray, read, or get a quick workout in. Take 10 minutes in the afternoon for a coffee break on the patio while the kids watch cartoons. Spend 30 minutes post kids’ bedtime perfecting your self-care routine. Whatever time of day that is for you, ensure that each day you prioritize yourself.
  2. It’s ok to ask for help.
    There’s a reason the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ exists. Lean on your family members, friends and community. Moms like to think they can do it all ( and they can! ) but there’s nothing more empowering than asking for help. You’ll be surprised at how willing your tribe can be at moments when you’re desperate to go grocery shopping alone or just need an afternoon to recharge.
  3. Get rid of the mom guilt.
    Some days you let your toddler sit for hours in front of Mrs. Rachel eating cereal puffs while other days you make oatmeal cookies from scratch, walk to the park and have time for a craft. Each day as a mom looks different and that’s ok. It’s ok to sometimes rely on daytime cartoons on sleepless nights. You’re still a great mom for making boxed mac and cheese and your kid will still love you if you didn’t change them out of thei


So this Mother’s Day we want to remind you that Mom, you’re doing great. To the career-turned stay-at-home mom, the non-paid work you’re doing is valuable. To the mom who works overtime, the moments you spend with your child at breakfast and bedtime is enough. To the stepmom, your love is just as meaningful. To the mother-like figures, your presence is powerful and to the mamas-to-be, you’re going to be great.


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