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Pinky Bear has received a seal of approval from The National Parenting Center as well as the Mom’s Choice Award honoring excellence. If you don't see your question below; please fill out the contact form and we'll be happy to connect with you and answer your questions.


Most frequent questions and answers

Pinky Bear provides prizes, encouragement, and song to make potty training a happy event. Pinky Bear takes the stress out of the potty training process.

Yes. The book was specifically designed with toddlers in mind. Read it with passion!

Absolutely! Reading the book prior to Pinky Bears’ arrival is a great way to gauge your child’s awareness of his or her role in the potty training process. The book is a kid-friendly blueprint for parents and toddlers to follow. Have FUN and ENJOY!

No. The song is written in the book, Potty Train with Pinky Bear. It makes a great sing-a-long. Sing it together!

No, the rewards are part of the fun and are to be provided by the parent or caregiver. Although Pinky Bear has an adorable surprise pocket (a great place to stash a sticker), hiding the surprise and HELPING your toddler locate the surprise adds to the fun! Remember they have already earned their reward, so don’t make the surprise too difficult to find.

No. Although Pinky Bear’s success rate has been over the top wonderful, Pinky Bear’s job is to help alleviate the stress that comes with the introduction to the process. There are so many factors that can make potty training easy for some and more difficult for others. Just keep in mind that your little one’s own timing and maturity level plays a big part. Introducing potty training to a child in a fun and exciting way certainly paves the way to success. Please read our blog for helpful potty training tips and suggestions.

No. All Pinky Bears are handmade and while very similar, there will be slight differences.