Summer Fun and Water Safety.  

Many families include water fun in their vacation plans so now is the time to plan for water safety. Drowning is a leading cause of death for kids, not only in rivers, streams, ponds, pools, and oceans.  A  child can drown in a bathtub, hot tub, or even a sink.  A child can drown in the seconds it takes to check a text, take a phone call, or apply sunscreen.

Teach Your Kids These Rules to Keep Them Safer
  1. Always Ask Permission to Enter the Water. Children should know which adults can allow them into the water and those adults should be fully engaged in supervising children.
  2. Stay in a Designated Area. Responsible adults should inspect water play areas to ensure they are appropriate for the child’s age and water skill levels before the children are allowed to enter the play areas.
  3. Swim with a Buddy. Having a swim partner is a good idea for children and adults alike. A water emergency can happen to anyone.
  4. Get Out of the Water When You are Tired. Exhaustion can sneak up on a child especially when engrossed in play. Adults should supervise children closely and ask if they need a break.

The Red Cross has more tips on water safety at : 

Water Safety Includes Hygiene Too

Toddlers don’t have the training or control to keep from relieving themselves in pools, lakes, streams or oceans. Water activities call for more attention to potty training too. In addition to swim pants, toddlers should take a break from the water play every half hour or so for a potty break, to reapply sunscreen, and rehydrate. Visit for more ideas to help with summertime potty training.


Summer water activities for children call for caution and adult supervision. Be sure an adult is present and attentive during all water activities. Also be sure the adult in charge is mindful of special attention to Potty Training needs. Potty Train with Pinky Bear is a helpful tool to keep kids and adults alike mindful to take potty breaks from the water for better hygiene and potty training success. Order Potty Train with Pinky Bear here and learn  more about potty training, check at our blog by clicking here.

You can also learn more about potty training tips and advice on our blog!