Teddy Bears, your first friend 

A sweet little baby in a car seat…a scared little one crying…a girl having a pretend tea party…a child with trouble sleeping …a toddler learning a new skill….girls and boys celebrating milestones…or an adult with fond memories, what do they all have in common? They were all given a soft, fuzzy companion called a teddy bear at one time or other. Whether brand new or torn and tattered from years of hugs, teddy bears have a way of  bringing us love and security. 

No other plush toy is as well known as a teddy bear. Chances are you still have yours, because it is estimated that “ “44% of adults have held onto their childhood teddies and dolls.” Mine still has a special place in my heart. 

Of course these cute toys are appropriate for all ages and that is why they are usually given as a first toy. They are sweet and cuddly, perfect for girls or boys. But they have been found to provide so many extra benefits. A child’s imagination soars when interacting with Teddy bears. They talk to them, comfort them and act out every day situations. All of these things help a child’s world to expand as they learn how to give and receive love, while taking their first steps towards socialization and compassion. 

I bet you can’t help but smile, thinking of your child whispering secrets to their little furry friend. From rubbing their silky fur to cuddling while sleeping, bears have a stress calming and anxiety reducing effect. Matter of fact, they are so soothing, they actually can become transitional objects. Transitional objects are self-chosen items that are assigned important value by the child. They can be used for escaping chaos, to help curb separation anxiety and most of all, to help children cut down on midnight soothing sessions because they are an object of security.  According to Extension University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Most children have difficulty with transitions at some point during childhood. Security objects help children feel secure and give them a sense of control over situations where they have little or no control.”

Teddies can also be used in various forms of therapy. These soft, squishy loveys are used in multiple situations, such as traumatic events, illness, and recovery, emotional healing, learning, or when dealing with grief. They become important tools for Pediatric Hospitals who use them for demonstrating procedures, play acting therapy or for comforting. “Cuddling your favourite ted not only gives psychological comfort as a companion, friend and confidant but also has benefits to physical health,” says Deb Herdman, a nurse sleep specialist, “by helping to release hormones that make you feel less stressed and anxious means vital signs like respiratory rate and heart rate regulate and less anxiety can mean less pain,”

We all remember what our childhood teddy bears looked like and felt like, because they were there for us in the good times and the bad times. Perhaps this is why Teddy bears will never go out of style, and are still cherished to this day. Afterall, who doesn’t need a little extra love? 



Because we’ve been talking about teddy bears, I’d like to introduce you to a special bear, Pinky Bear, who is waiting to become your child’s or grandchild’s long-time friend and helper when it comes to potty training. Potty training used to be a chore that parents once dreaded because it was so stressful for both parent and child. But the “Potty Train with Pinky Bear” system has an easy plan for parents, using a cute fuzzy bear, and a book that is written directly for children. It teaches them healthy habits in a positive way that only teddy bears can do, by instructing, encouraging, and rewarding potty time success.

Potty training doesn’t have to be hard. Click Here to read Pink Bear success stories or Click Here to find out how you can bring this cute Bear into your child’s world. Make Pinky Bear…a friend for life. 

“Bears need people. People need bears.” 

– Pam Brown 


“In a world where everyone seems to be larger and louder than yourself, it is very comforting to have a small, quiet companion.”

-Peter Gray


Side Note

Since its inception, Pinky Bear has received the seal of approval from the National Parenting Center as well as the Mom’s Choice Award Honoring Excellence.


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