Nothing beats the unconditional love of grandparents

Two Generations Bound by the Heart.

The special bond between grandparents and grandchildren.

Nothing beats the unconditional love of grandparents. Whether it is a beaming smile of pride or a huge hug, grandparents have a way of making their grandchildren feel special. Their heartfelt care and attention will make a long-lasting impact on both the grandparents’ lives and the lives of their grandchildren. This helps foster a feeling of acceptance and security, helping children thrive.

Grandparents make excellent encouragers

Positively priceless.

Everyone needs a little positive encouragement, especially toddlers. Sometimes, a kind word, a teachable moment or a big belly laugh will make all the difference! Grandparents make excellent encouragers and toddlers are eager to learn new skills and show them off with pride.

Did you know?

Grandparents can also be great teachers. From general words of wisdom to teaching new skills, if Grandma or Grandpa say it, grandkids are listening! The more time that is spent together, the easier it is to pass along knowledge. Teaching values and reinforcing disciplines are also very important. Little brains love soaking up information.

A family tradition.

Grandparents must never underestimate the power of telling their family’s story. They should choose age appropriate, short, positive stories. Those are sure to be passed down from generation to generation, bringing lots of smiles along the way. In addition, cherished family pictures are also very meaningful.

The fun ones.

Some of the best engagement times for grandparents are outings or activities with their little loves. Baking, planting flowers, making crafts or enjoying nature are just a few ideas to start with. Reading has also proven to be a valuable, favorite past-time. Find out more about 7 things you need to do with your grandchildren at least once.


Grandchildren want their grandparents to be an active part of their lives. Time flies and both have so much to give. Regardless of the amount of time together, it is special and fleeting. Potty Train with Pinky Bear is a favorite tool used by parents and grandparents alike. It is an easy system that combines reading, positive reinforcement, and a loveable little bear to help toddlers confidently master the skill of potty training. It’s perfect for spending time together!

With care, love and positivity grandparents can teach, inspire, encourage all while having fun and making memories. Be part of your grandchild’s success team! Tell us your grandparent memories, we’d love to hear them!


Side Note

Grandchildren are inspiring. Potty Train with Pinky Bear was inspired by creator Toni Roberts’ granddaughter, Ally, who sparked the idea that potty training does not have to be stressful to be successful. It can be a positive and fun experience. Since its inception, Pinky Bear has received the seal of approval from the National Parenting Center as well as the Mom’s Choice Award Honoring Excellence.


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