12 National Days You Can Use for Potty Training Reward Inspiration. 

Sometimes, a new approach can make potty training more appealing! Pinky Bear can add some fun and excitement to a sometimes difficult task. If you ever need ideas, you can always add these National Days you can use for potty training reward inspiration to your calendar.
January 29: National Puzzle Day
Pinky Bear can bring your child bigger items, like puzzles, to mark momentous milestones in his or her potty training journey. Puzzles can also help your child learn hand-eye coordination, spatial relations, and problem-solving skills! Additionally, if you find smaller puzzles (no more than ten to 15 pieces), you can have Pinky Bear give your child a piece at a time so that he or she can have something to show off.
February 7: National Send a Card to a Friend Day
You can encourage your child to write a letter to Pinky Bear on this day! And, of course, since Pinky Bear is your child’s friend too, he or she can expect a card back!
March 14: National Children’s Craft Day
Pick out a simple craft, like painting leaves, macaroni art, or homemade Play-Doh. Then, you can have Pinky Bear deliver a letter letting your child know he or she can make something fun today! You can also put Pinky Bear by the supplies or have Pinky Bear give your child an-easy-to-follow map to the craft. It’s up to you!
April 27: National Tell a Story Day
There are so many ways you can celebrate this option among the many national days you can use for potty training reward inspiration. Putting Potty Train with Pinky Bear on display, giving your child a story written by Pinky Bear, re-reading Potty Train with Pinky Bear, and more, let your creativity free!
May 24: National Scavenger Hunt Day
Let Pinky Bear give your child the clues! Then, your child can search for his or her reward!
June 14: International Bath Day
Taking a bath is fun! Pinky Bear can help your little one celebrate with some bubble bath, washable bath crayons, or bath toys as a reward. You don’t even have to buy a thing, you can just use what you have on hand!
July 8: National Freezer Pop Day
Whew, it’s hot out! Fortunately, Pinky Bear is here, and this friendly bear is giving out freezer pops!
August 2: National Coloring Book Day
You have a few options on this holiday! Pinky Bear can give your child a small pack of crayons, a coloring book, or even a printed-out sheet from the internet.
September 9: National Teddy Bear Day
Now, this is a holiday that Pinky Bear fans will love! Celebrate with a visit from your favorite bear, and read the book too!
October 1: National Homemade Cookie Day
Pinky Bear can bring a recipe, some homemade cookies, or a map of ingredients. Then, it’s time for a tasty treat!
November 14: National Family PJ Day
The whole family can take part in this reward! You can put Pinky Bear next to your child’s pajamas, have Pinky Bear write a note, hide Pinky Bear near the slippers, or use other ideas to spread the news.
December 13: National Cocoa Day
A cup of hot cocoa is a simple, fairly inexpensive, and tasty reward! You can leave a packet with Pinky Bear or even teach your little one how to make this drink from scratch. Plus, it will help warm you up in the winter. Just be mindful of when you serve it! If your child is potty training, you may not want to serve him or her a drink so close to bedtime.


Potty training takes a lot of work, from parents, guardians, and children alike. You all deserve to add some fun into the mix! After all, with Pinky Bear on your side, potty training is exciting! You can also see more national days you can use for potty training reward inspiration on this helpful website.

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