12 Potty Training Reward Ideas for Pinky Bear to Bring Your Child.

As your child goes through the potty training process, he or she has a new friend and helper: Pinky Bear! This sweet bear likes to leave treats as rewards for potty-training progress. Still, even the best of us run out of inspiration, so check out our helpful guide below for potty training reward ideas. That way, if Pinky Bear needs a few new ideas about what to bring, these options should help!

A mini pack of crayons.

Kids love to color and it relaxes them, too. Let Pinky Bear encourage your child’s creative side with this reward.

A sticker.

Stickers are a great reward that your child can wear on his or her sleeve. Plus, they’re fairly inexpensive, too. Find a roll of stickers that follow your child’s interests. Movie characters, animals, even trucks, there’s an option for everything.

An edible treat

Age-appropriate and parent-approved candies are a great way to celebrate potty training efforts. Even healthy treats such as yogurt and fruit have a different appeal when Pinky Bear brings them!

A piece of origami art.
If you’re talented enough to make origami cranes or frogs, they can be a unique offering from Pinky Bear. You can also make paper boats, hats, and planes for your child to play with during the day.

Reward coupons

Experiences are great treats, too! You can make reward coupons, which can give your child privileges like a day at the park, a meal of his or her choice, or a movie night. This option is great for big achievements.

A letter.

You can encourage your child to write to Pinky Bear. Then, as his or her potty-training continues, you can have Pinky Bear write a letter back. Not only will this help your child’s communication skills, but he or she will love making friends with Pinky Bear. A note in Pinky Bear’s pocket could even direct a child and parent to a nice summertime treat in the freezer or refrigerator. Who says Pinky Bear can’t deliver ice cream?

A book.

For bigger successes, prop up a book next to Pinky Bear (besides the Potty Train with Pinky Bear book itself). This reward will have the added bonus of increasing your child’s literacy and love of reading. When story time rolls around, your child will also enjoy spending time with you as you read to them.

Little toys.

Bouncy balls, slinkies, and finger puppets are all inexpensive but fun rewards for your child. For higher-scale rewards, you can try small action figures or dolls, introducing them as a friend of Pinky Bear.

A map.
Active, engaged play is important for your child’s development. Whether you want to leave a map for your child to find Pinky Bear in the house or you want to use the map to help him or her find a reward, this option will give you and your child a fun activity, too!
Kids love glowsticks and glow bracelets. If your child is old enough for these, then consider letting Pinky Bear give out this reward.
Medals or ribbons.
Party stores have a whole host of child-safe medals or ribbons. These can mark a big milestone in your child’s potty-training success, letting him or her wear his or her achievement proudly.
A balloon.
Balloons are affordable and fun. Loosely tie the balloon’s string around Pinky Bear’s arm for a cool surprise. You can even find themed balloons!


For potty training reward ideas big and small, these options will help give Pinky Bear some encouraging new ideas. Your child does not need to receive a big reward every time, but it’s nice to know the many options that you have. Something small will make him or her just as happy and it will help him or her celebrate success.

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