4 Ways Pinky Bear Works Better Than Traditional Potty Training Methods. 

Potty training success comes in all forms, but some of the basic principles of the practice are constant. One of those is the fact that your child is not going to warm up to potty training until he or she is ready. With the Pinky Bear method, we believe you can inspire your child to be ready sooner rather than later. Here are a few ways that Pinky Bear works better than traditional potty training methods.

Pinky Bear is interactive. Compared to more passive approaches to potty training, like the ‘sit and wait’ method, Pinky Bear gives children a starring role in the potty training process. The book, Potty Train with Pinky Bear gets kids fully involved in the process, weaving a narrative for them to follow rather than just feeling pressured to perform.

Pinky Bear provides companionship.
Speaking of pressure, it always helps when venturing into uncharted territory to have a friend by your side. Cue Pinky Bear! Pinky Bear will be your child’s companion throughout the potty training process. Your role as a parent is an important one, but it can also feel overbearing to children depending on how you approach potty training with your child. Pinky Bear provides children a source of support as they learn to navigate new beginnings.

Pinky Bear gives children a positive association with
potty training. The book, Potty Train with Pinky Bear was written with both the child and parent(s) in mind. Once parents read the book with their child, it gives him or her the excitement associated with anticipating Pinky Bear’s arrival. It encourages the child to begin the process knowing that his or her efforts are key to Pinky Bear’s very first visit and future rewards. The reward method is not a new one when it comes to potty training, but Pinky Bear takes it to another level of interaction. Because Pinky Bear is the one bringing children the rewards (rather than you as the parents), your child will not gratuitously look to you to provide regular rewards. The fact that they are coming from Pinky Bear makes it all the more special for the potty trainee.

Pinky Bear makes
potty training fun. Here’s the most straightforward way that Pinky Bear works better than traditional potty training methods: it makes potty training fun! Some traditional methods encourage setting a specific time to sit down and train; however, this can be frustrating for children who get distracted or discouraged easily. Rather than requiring a forced time to train, Pinky Bear users will look forward to their time on the potty.

Potty Train with Pinky Bear is not only effective, but it will make your child’s potty training experience a rewarding and memorable one. Consider these ways that Pinky Bear works better than traditional potty training methods when deciding which route to take when it comes time for your child to work toward this milestone.

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