5 New Year’s Resolutions for Parents to Make in 2019. 

Being a parent means that you have to make decisions hard or easy on a daily basis. Balancing life, work, responsibilities, and the needs of your household can prove taxing. However, with these New Year’s resolutions for parents to make in 2019, you can add a bit of simplicity to the New Year. Whether you want to continue old traditions or build new ones, making positive changes for you and your children is the name of the game in 2019!
  • Spend more time together. Spending even a day away from work to engage with your children will leave them happy memories. Whether you need to slowly save away for a vacation, or you would prefer to choose a more budget-friendly day trip, consider planning a special getaway for your family. You can spend a day picnicking and playing outside, sunbathing on the beach, or visiting a child-friendly museum. As the years pass by, your child and you will be grateful for this time together.
  • Read together more often. When you read to and with your child, you’re setting him or her up for success. Not only does consistent reading help children perform better in school, but it will improve their communication skills. Head to the local library or a bookstore, and let your children pick out books as much as possible. Then, read together! With this resolution, you will gift your children with lifelong advantages.
  • Plan for socialization. For parents, playdates can lighten the load. Not only do you know that your child is socializing and having fun with a friend, but you can also catch up with another parent and enjoy a relaxing few hours. Because playdates are mutually beneficial, both you and your child will love adding them to your New Year’s resolutions for parents to make in 2019.
  • Create a college fund. If you’re intending to create a college fund for your child, it’s better to start saving as soon as possible. This will make it easier and more manageable on your budget. If you’ve created one already, consider contributing a bit more each year to your child’s college fund.
  • Start a new tradition. A game or movie night, an evening walk, or making a special meal together once a week is all positive traditions that you can try out in the new year. Try and find a tradition that your child or children can engage in. Even if they’re just playing with the dough as you show them how pizzas are made, you can make their daily lives all the more special.


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