Tips for Making the Most of Family Time

5 Tips for Making the Most of Family Time During the Holidays.

From gifts to gatherings, the holidays get busy! However, it’s important not to let stress get in the way of making the most of family time during the holidays. Use these simple tips to help yourself do just that! Assemble gifts early. Waiting until the kiddies are all tucked in on Christmas Eve not only causes undue stress but leaves no room for getting those items that may have been left off the assembly list. Read those instructions early! Don’t forget the batteries! It’s as simple as that. There’s nothing worse than giving a great present, just to find that the batteries aren’t included. You are stressing because you have that one person or couple that has EVERYTHING. Making the most of family time during the holidays means eliminating stress wherever possible! Give the hard-to-buy-for couple a beautiful Christmas card and note that you have donated to their favorite charity in honor of them. If they are pet lovers, donate to their local no-kill shelter. The gesture will warm their heart. Give yourself the gift of three no’s, (more if needed). Someone is always wanting to put more on you than you can physically or mentally handle. Give yourself the gift of three no’s for Christmas. The polite way is to simply say, “I would love to if I weren’t already obligated, or, “After the hectic Christmas we had last year, we decided to skip a few festivities in order to spend some quiet time with family at home”. There is nothing wrong with taking charge of your time. You and your family will be thankful you did. Potty training during the holidays? It’s OK to wait until things are a little calmer. Pinky Bear is just waiting for you to decide what the best time is for you and your toddler. Snuggling up while reading the Pinky Bear story will certainly be a great ice breaker for potty training after the holidays. Remember, Pinky Bear visits children 12 months out of the year!


Use these tips for making the most of family time during the holidays to make the season all the more special. Holidays and festivities go hand in hand. Keep in mind that getting together and being together are really two different things.

Happy holidays from the Potty Train with Pinky Bear team!