Benefits of Potty Training

6 Benefits of Potty Training During the Summer.

Summertime signals many things. Finished with school. Family vacations. Fun outside. It can also signal the time to reach a significant milestone for your child. The benefits of potty training during the summer practically abound!
Schedules can be more flexible.
In the summer, many parents take time off work to spend with family. Whether that time’s spent at home or abroad, schedules are usually a little more lax than when working. That extra time with family can be channeled into potty training your little ones. Which means more regular trips to the bathroom throughout the day.
Fewer clothes work in your favor.
Wearing fewer clothes is something we’re familiar with in summer. It’s one of the ways we easily beat the heat. This can actually work in your favor? and cue your child to go potty. Allowing kids to roam in the nude (or near-nude) actually helps them to learn the feeling of their bowel movements. Basically, there’s little that gets in the way of their No. 1s and 2s.
Places for privacy are aplenty.
When out and about in the summer, you might be hanging out in the backyard, camping in the woods, or swimming in the ocean. You can think of these as private places for your little one to go potty, should the need arise. Your child will likely start understanding the sensation of needing to potty and will want a place to relieve himself or herself. It’s also been suggested, at least anecdotally, that extra privacy improves a child’s independence.
There are more chances to practice.
One of the benefits of potty training during the summer that may go unnoticed is the need for hydration. With the summer heat, kids are going to be consuming a lot more fluids, from flavored drinks to freeze pops. That, of course, translates into more bathroom time. That’s quite a blessing when you and your child are in the potty training phase!
Accidents dry quicker.
Again, the summer heat can play right into your potty training plans. When accidents occur, and they will, wet clothes will dry quicker in the sun. Plus, fresh air really helps out with the stench. And, since it is summer, sandals are more in fashion, leaving you with less mess to take care of later on.
School can be a source of motivation.
Starting school after the summer break can be a source of motivation for a child to become a potty expert. The first day of school could be used as a marker for your child to master this big kid milestone. No child wants to be the one with potty problems during class.


When you’re in that phase of parenting, the benefits of potty training during the summer make the task much easier. And that’s something we’re all after. Work smarter, not harder, when you’re teaching your little one to go potty this summer.

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