Benefits of Reading

7 Benefits of Reading to Young Children.

Before bedtime, prior to a nap, or just for fun reading to your children is a bright point in the day. It also comes with advantages for parents and children alike. If you want another excuse to pull out your child’s favorite book, check out these benefits of reading to young children.
Inspiring Creativity
Creative minds come up with creative solutions and plenty of free entertainment. When you read to a young child, it inspires and hones his or her creativity.
Building Language Skills
Young children have extremely elastic brains. This makes reading extremely important! After all, in order to absorb language, your child has to hear it, constantly and consistently. Fortunately, building language skills is as simple and fun as reading a picture book!
Establishing a Love of Reading
In a few short years, your child will be going to school if he or she isn’t already. There, he or she will have to read each day. If your child already has a love of reading, he or she has a great foundation for success. By starting young and reading to young children, you can improve their educational opportunities.
Improving Concentration
If I told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times, is one refrain parents find themselves saying over and over. Young children often struggle with concentration. By reading to your child, however, you can actually improve his or her concentration.
Screen-Free Entertainment
Some of us struggle to get our children to step away from the screen. Books are an engaging alternative!
Lifelong Bonds
One of the best benefits of reading to young children is the bond it inspires. Some of your child’s best memories will include the times that you sat down with him or her and read a wonderful book.
Modeling Skills and Behaviors
Books don’t just teach language, they can also model skills and behaviors. Whether that means learning how to count, understand colors, or even figuring out how to succeed at potty training, books can do it all. Plus, they’re fun and engaging, so your child will love learning too.


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