Pinky Bear’s List of Potty Training Supplies to Have on Hand.

The right tools for the job can make all the difference, especially if the task at hand is potty training. Whether you’re a first-time novice or an old pro, you can benefit from adding Pinky Bear’s list of potty training supplies to your home. Who’s ready to get started?

Expendable Pants and Underwear

If your child is having trouble reaching the potty in time, it may help to use disposable pants and underwear. That way, you will have less to worry about.

Training Underpants

Training underpants help your child in the event of a potty accident. They also won’t make as much of a mess, which can help ease the process for you and your little one.

Cleaning Supplies

At one point or another, your child will miss the potty. Keeping cleaning supplies around the house will help you make sure that you’re prepared. You can even use the opportunity to show your little one how to clean up after himself or herself, and not to be ashamed. Accidents happen!

A Sticker Chart

You can add a sticker chart to Pinky Bear’s list of potty training supplies. It can be encouraging for little ones to see their progress over time. Plus, Pinky Bear can even be the one to give your child a sticker chart, and Pinky Bear’s surprise pocket will be a great place to stash the stickers for your little one to find!

Foam Soap

Washing your hands is a big part of potty training. Try and find a soap that your child will like. We recommend a good-smelling foam soap. You can even look for one with your kid’s favorite character on it!

A Potty Chair

Your toilet can’t exactly move around, which can make it harder to get your little one to go to the bathroom. A potty chair can be placed anywhere, and its proportions are much better for a child.

Flushable Wipes

Flushable wipes are your friend! They can help your child stay clean with no muss and no fuss.

A Sense of Humor

We were all little once, and we all had troubles with potty training! Bringing in a sense of humor will help you and your little one stay positive.

The Potty Train with Pinky Bear Set

We can’t forget everyone’s favorite bear! Pinky Bear comes complete with a book, making it easy for you and your little one to get excited about potty training. And of course, your kiddo will love earning rewards for a job well done!


The world of potty training is exciting and overwhelming. You can stay on top of the task at hand by stocking up on Pinky Bear’s list of potty training supplies to have on hand. And if you want a Pinky Bear of your very own, visit our store! Finally, for more on potty training tips and ideas, check out our blog here.