Things to Consider When Choosing a Potty Training Seat

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Potty Training Seat.

Though parents don’t often give much thought to the potty, its size can be distressing to children. Fortunately, potty training seats can help make the transition from diapers to using the toilet a lot less stressful. As you decide to bridge the gap, remember these things to consider when choosing a potty training seat.
Your Child’s Size
Is your little one older? Is he or she ready to go straight on the potty safely, and can he or she sit on it fairly comfortably? If the answers are yes, yes, and yes, you may want to select a seat reducer, which is an attachment to the regular toilet.
Making an Introduction for a Gradual Approach
One of the best ways to get your child accustomed to the concept of potty training is simply introducing him or her to the potty. That’s where a stand-alone potty chair is best-suited to the task! Just having it around, explaining how it works, and letting your child accept the idea of using it can all help lay down some important groundwork.
Remembering a Stool
A stool can help your child safely get onto the potty and it’s often essential when you’re using a seat reducer. Remember, safety is key!
Motivation: Wanting to Be One of the ‘Big Kids’
Often, a big motivator for children learning about potty training is wanting to be like the ‘big kids.’ The big kids use a regular toilet, not a potty training seat. If your child is thinking along these lines, find a seat reducer for him or her.
Motivation: Learning by Play
Other children learn best by playing. That can mean taking their dolls or toys over to their potty chair and pretending that their stuffed animals have to use them. This will help them get accustomed to it too! You can also consider making a little prop potty chair for your child’s toys from a shoebox or round tin so that he or she can bring a favorite toy along on the journey.
No matter what, you’ll be doing some clean-up when you’re potty training your child, and it’s one of the big things to consider when choosing a potty training seat. Seat reducers can come with splash guards, which can cut down on tidying time. Potty chairs will require more in-depth and regular cleaning. Though each option varies depending on the product, you can read through the instructions or packaging before buying to determine how in-depth the whole process is.


Sometimes, we forget how hard potty training can be for children and parents alike. That’s why finding the right potty seat is so important! You can set your little one up for an easier experience by using our list of things to consider a potty training seat. Plus, with Pinky Bear at your kid’s side, this whole potty training thing will become a success story in no time. Order your Pinky Bear online here!  You can also read through our blog for more useful potty training tips too.