Tips to create great photos of your child 

One day, you will find an old picture of your child when they were young. A smile will immediately come over your face because your mind will go back years, and for a brief moment you will be transported back to that day, to that very special moment. This is one of the reasons why good photos of your child are so important. As they grow older, your children will also want to look at them and hear you tell stories about their childhood. Once they become an adult, they will want to pass these down to their children. Pictures become heirlooms, it’s as simple as that. So we’ve compiled a how-to list of tips to take the best photos of your child or grandchild.
  1. When shooting outside- shoot during the golden hours of the day, in the morning and afternoon, when it’s not too dark or too bright. Use the part of the day that does not have harsh light that can cast shadows. When indoors use natural light and avoid using a flash.
  2. It used to be hard to keep a camera handy at all times but with camera phones we have no excuses. Don’t try to be so professional that you miss the perfect shot. Of course you want to be in the moment, but you will appreciate having some of these pictures in the future.
  3. Don’t depend on your memory. Years from now it will be hard to recall the exact time the picture was taken. When you print your photos or store them, put a date on them, if possible and add a little information such as the name of the event, or friends and family  names of those in the picture.
  4. Keep it natural. Natural environment surroundings are a place where the child feels safe and happy. It will be a far easier environment to take photographs in, as the child will be happy and playful in a place they are comfortable and near people they love.
  5. Get down on their level. You need to be creative and able to get down to their level literally and figuratively. Don’t stand overtop and shoot down. You want to let them relax and have fun.
  6. Don’t be too structured. The best formed plan may be to be a little flexible so that you can follow your child’s lead. It’s ok to have an idea of what you want to accomplish, but think of it more like a documentary photo rather than a full-blown production, if you want your child’s personality to shine through.
  7. Wait for it. Sometimes you will need a lot of patience to catch a good shot. It doesn’t always happen within an allotted time period. Don’t push it, it will happen.
  8. Shoot everything. You don’t want to look back and notice that you only took pictures on Birthdays, milestones and holidays. Some of the best pictures are impromptu, everyday pictures.
  9. Focus on their eyes. Eyes in a photo attract the viewers eyes, and make the image instantly more alluring. Otherwise, frame your shot using the rule of 3rds, imagining a tic-tak-toe grid over your picture view and move the camera to position the subject on the place the two lines would intersect.
  10. Most of all, have fun! This is not a chore. It is quality time with your children. Enjoy the process, be in the moment, and don’t over-complicate the process. 



We hope you’ll try some of these tips for photos you will enjoy for years to come.


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