Potty training can, for some, be one of the most significant parenting challenges one will ever face. Because every child is different, there are numerous factors that can affect when, how, and how willingly a little one will be willing to make that transition. We’re seeking to streamline the process while making it fun for children at the same time via Pinky Bear, a book/stuffed bear combo that enforces the positive aspects of potty training. As an extension of the Pinky Bear method itself, we’re excited to introduce our new Pinky Bear blog. Pinky Bear founder Toni Roberts created Pinky Bear and the corresponding interactive book, Potty Train with Pinky Bear, with the intention of making potty training a positive and rewarding experience for toddlers. The inspiration came from her granddaughter, whose attitude toward potty training completely changed with the introduction of Pinky Bear into her life. From there, Toni decided that Pinky Bear could benefit other parents and children the same way it helped her granddaughter. We’re proud to say that since its inception, Potty Train with Pinky Bear has received a seal of approval from The National Parenting Center. Through the Pinky Bear blog, we want to provide a resource for parents to help in their potty training endeavors. In addition to addressing potty training itself, this blog will also offer general parenting tips and advice, as well as helpful and entertaining content for families with young children. We hope that this blog will open the lines of communication between our brand and our followers, as well as show others who are not yet familiar with Pinky Bear what we are all about. We encourage you to give us feedback on the Pinky bear blog and share it with others who you think could benefit from it. We look forward to using this blog to better connect with you, our followers! To learn more about Pinky Bear, visit us at, PinkyBear.com, and be sure to follow us on, Facebook, Twitter, and, Instagram!