10 Non-Candy Valentine's

10 Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids. 

Valentines to Give to Others.  

This one may sound the same as the option before, but hear us out! Pinky Bear can present your little one with a box of Valentine’s to give to friends and family, so your child can participate in the holiday. You can also put together a little container of supplies, with paper, glue, and markers. That way, you don’t have to spend a cent and you and your child can have fun making homemade Valentines together. Make sure that Pinky Bear brings this option in advance. After all, your child needs time to get the Valentines ready for February 14.

Heart Stickers

We love simple options, and this is one of the non-candy Valentine’s Day gift ideas that fits the bill. All you need to do is pick out heart stickers for Pinky Bear to give out as a reward.

A Valentine’s Day Balloon

What’s that tied to Pinky Bear’s paw? It’s a beautiful Valentine’s Day balloon! Woo-hoo!

Comfy Socks

It’s cold out, but a cute pair of comfy-themed socks will keep your little one warm. You can even buy a bulk pack. That way, Pinky Bear can pass out pairs over time!

A Themed Picture Book

Big days can merit a big reward! Pick out a Valentine’s Day-themed book for Pinky Bear to bring. The good news is, you can read the same books over and over again, so this present will get a lot of use.

Pink or Red Play-Doh

Children use their creativity to make shapes, animals, and even food from Play-Doh. The only downside is keeping them from taking a big bite! You can buy minis or a multipack to stretch the gift out over a few successful potty training sessions too. Or, if you want, you can make your own homemade version! Go for pink or red so you can stay on-theme!

A Holiday Outfit or Accessory for Pinky Bear

Pinky Bear wants to join in the fun! From a holiday outfit to a scarf cut from an old T-shirt, to a cute little hat, you can always let your child dress up Pinky Bear as a cute little reward.

A Valentine’s Day Mailbox

Get your child excited for potty training and Valentine’s Day, by creating a Valentine’s Day mailbox. You could even create a standard mini mailbox for Pinky Bear to put extra special gifts inside.

Movie Tickets for a Valentine’s Day Showing

Cuddle up with your little one and watch an adorable movie, thanks to some tickets from Pinky Bear! You can find something new, pick one of your child’s favorites, or find something on cable or streaming. Beloved classics, like ‘Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown’ are always airing around February 14.


Valentine’s Day is only a couple of weeks away from now! Though we all know tasty treats can make the perfect reward, it’s also nice to have a few more creative options ready. Prepare Pinky Bear for the celebration with these nifty non-candy Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids.

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