Reasons Kids Might Be Afraid

Reasons Kids Might Be Afraid of Potty Training.

October is when we embrace the scary, but only the fun kind! Potty training fears, on the other hand, aren’t exactly a component of the festivities. If you and your little one have begun the toilet training process, you may have noticed some reluctance or anxiety on his or her part. There are several reasons kids might be afraid of potty training, and they’re all perfectly understandable. Fortunately, you have Pinky Bear on your side!
Being Scared of the Potty
Imagine being the size of your child. Suddenly, the potty looks much more intimidating, doesn’t it? You can always find a potty seat or attachments to level the playing field. Read our guide here to learn about some useful options!
Feeling Dirty
Up until now, you’ve been the one dealing with your little one’s diapers. Potty training may seem incredibly yucky to your child. So, don’t forget to teach him or her the importance of handwashing! You can even have Pinky Bear bring a special scented, child-friendly soap as a reward.
The Fear of Trying New Things
Even adults have a fear of trying new things, like starting a different job or moving across the country. Children are young, which means they haven’t experienced many transitions. So, it’s natural that they need a bit more help adjusting. One way to ease this strain is by reading Potty Train with Pinky Bear to your child, several weeks before you actually start to potty train him or her. Talking about the potty, and how it works, can also normalize it. That way, when you begin the process, the idea of going on the potty isn’t a big deal at all.
Being Trapped after a Flush
Little kids have big imaginations! While creativity is an amazing quality have, it can also lead to worry, like being trapped in the toilet after a flush, or even being sucked down into the pipes. As silly as it may sound, consider explaining to your kid, in simple terms, how a toilet works. You can add that toilets are designed so only a small amount of materials can go down at a time. Even paper towels will get stuck immediately, and your child is much bigger than a paper towel.
Worrying about Making Messes or Mistakes
Everyone makes messes and mistakes, even parents! Your child may worry about the mess created by a potty training mistake. Showing him or her that an accident is no big deal can make this fear disappear. You can help your little one clean up the mess and explain that accidents happen to us all!
Being Behind, or Ahead, of Peers
One of the reasons kids might be afraid of potty training has nothing to do with them at all. If a child sees that all of his or her peers are potty trained, or that he or she is the first one to get started, this may cause a bit of worry. That’s why it’s always helpful to remember that each kid moves at his or her own pace. Let your child know this too, and that you are proud of him or her!
Hearing a Loud Noise
Why are some toilets so loud? The sound really can affect your little one, so you may have to close the lid before you flush or hold your child close during this part when you’re first starting out. Simply being there can be an enormous comfort.


Toilet training represents a big step in your child’s life. The attitude that you bring along for the transition can make all the difference and so can Pinky Bear! If your child is struggling with one of the reasons kids might be afraid of potty training, you can always bring in Pinky Bear to help. Order yours online today! You can also visit our blog for more potty training tips here.